Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Clarkias in bloom!

It's been awhile since I have posted. Since the last update there've been a couple days of 90 degreeF weather (I was miserable) and a lot of Clarkias started to bloom (see photos). They sort of started one by one until coinciding in a sort of Onagraceous symphony of pinks, purples, and salmon. At least one I know reseeded itself from last year's plant, the others are from a mix of two seed packets - Larner Seeds "Hills of California" mix, and Renee's Garden's "Mountain Garland" mix. I suspect the latter is where the double one came from. In addition, the hollyhocks (pictured) on the side of the house are blooming. These provide a lovely backdrop to our living room! Everything from my previous sales and events is doing well. I've included a picture of a Datura discolor and Lupinus "Rodeo Rose" that I got at the beginning of the month from Annie's. These plants were planted 17 days ago, and this is how much they've grown. The Datura is just growing rapidly, but the Lupine seems sort of possessed. I mean, it seemed that every morning it was taller! It's actually a bit frightening, but in an exhilirating, fun sort of way. I think maybe it's because I used some Annie's potting soil in them. Their potting soil is the best I've used - it's reasonably priced and smells good too! Anyway, that's some of my garden highlights for now.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rain Washed Leaves

So, my weeks of plant frenzy have culminated in this last weekend's Bringing Back the Natives garden tour and Native Plant Sale Extravaganza. What an exciting time! And it was all layered in amongst some substantial rain. So now all my plants are happily rain washed and hydrated. For the tour we went to 6 local gardens. I was very impressed by how nice all these gardens looked. They ranged from small to large, and I enjoyed the water features in many. We participated in the sale the day before, going to the Watershed Nursery and Annie's both in Richmond. I had previously visited the Watershed Nursery a year ago, when they were still Berkeley. Their new location is much more spacious and sunny. As before I found my visit here to be quite enjoyable and while there I procured this lovely little Rosa gymnocarpa (pictured next to Dicentra "Bacchanal") At Annie's I was very happy to find a small yet vigorous Datura and some pink flowers for Mom's deck. It seems that the selection of California natives at Annie's, always generous, has been increasing recently. Very exciting!
In other garden news my Clarkias are beginning to bloom. I've even included a picture! And also pictured is a beautiful Digitalis purpurea called "Faerie Queen" I grew this one from seed and it has finally bloomed!